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Products - Freeform Rogue, SOLD


Freeform Rogue, SOLD
This saddle has sold.

Freeform Rogue, med-large seat roughly a size 16. Standard 22 inch base with cut back. The Fork is X-full quarter. Different sizes can be purchased. Fits a variety of horses. There is room to move the seat a little forward or back. It has a Gel cushion seat for long comfy rides. Western "y" rigging makes this great for fitting. Plenty of rings and strings for attaching gear. Lovely Italian leather. The stirrup attachment can be moved to suit the riders desired leg position. The base has Velcro strips for optional panels. Includes endurance fenders made by Torsion. They are black Italian leather with lots of room for adjusting length. Also includes new endurance stirrups. This is an awesome saddle! Beautifully made, very comfortable, and ready to ride!

Priced to sell at $1395, buyer pays shipping. PayPal only. CONTACT or 857-829-0645.

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