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Products - Mohair Endurance Girth


Mohair Endurance Girth
100% mohair girths are ideal for distance and trail riders, so work beautifully for everyone else too. They are flexible in all dimensions so very comfortable for the horse. Mohair is very soft and is unlikely to gall. The Endurance style features a contoured shape which gives better support, and better clearance at the elbows. These girths have Stainless Steel roller buckles backed by neoprene and leather (leather is against the horse), billet keepers and Stainless Steel center D-Rings for attaching a breast collar.

Please specify an end-of-buckle to end-of-buckle length in the comments field (in even 2" increments). We stock girth lengths of 24" through 30". PLEASE NOTE: 28 and 30" girths are on order!

PLEASE NOTE: I have a 24" western endurance girth with stainless steel buckles, no backers (behind the buckles) or keepers, for $60. Please contact me directly for this girth at

All other lengths can be ordered, as well as beautiful natural and black combo mohair girths for an additional $10.00. Girth lengths of 40" or longer cost an additional $8.00. Please contact us directly for these custom girths.

Price:  $98.00
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