Measurements/Custom Measurements



Not sure what size to order, or just wish to confirm your equine is the size you think?  You're in the right place!


Over the years of making tack, there are certain breeds that I typically see as a custom sized head . . .  The obvious ones such as ponies, minis, donkeys, mules, drafts, warmbloods, Friesians and Andalusions. 

Most gaited horses I also tend to see as custom, such as TWH's, FoxTrotters, Pasos, Icelandics. 

Some other custom sized breeds may be Thoroughbreds, Morgans, and Mustangs. 


Arab and Horse Sizing

 To determine if your equine fits into a traditional size, these are the measurements we use for our Arab and Horse Sizing:


 Arab/Cob Size

Browband (yellow) = 15"

Poll (red) = 12"

Cheek (green) 10 - 12"

Nose circumference (black) 20" - 23"

Horse Size

Browband (yellow) = 15"

Poll (red) = 13"

Cheek (green) 11 - 13"

Nose circumference (black) 21 - 24"


 Custom Size

Please make sure all these measurements are taken for a custom order. Also, please do not add any lengths to the adjustable measurement areas. Your product will be created with these measurements at the center of the products adjustment.