Demo Program

How the Demo Process Works

The cost to demo a saddle is $110, this covers shipping of the saddle both ways. If you decide to purchase the demo saddle, $50 of the demo fee will be applied toward the total purchase price to offset the remaining balance due.
A security deposit is added to the demo cost based upon the selected model. Which means the security deposit will either be refunded to you upon return of the saddle and accessories in good & clean condition, applied toward the purchase of what you received and decided to keep, or whatever model you decide to order new.
Currently, the turnaround time on a new saddle order is approximately 5+ months.

Your demo model is expected to be ridden in; however, please take care to avoid non-typical wear and abuse or you will be charged an additional $110 demo fee.  


Horse & Rider Information Required to get Your Demo Started:

Although treeless saddles are flexible and able to fit many shapes without any alteration, sometimes more is needed. A simple shim can ensure the rider is balanced, which helps them have an effortless and pain-free ride as well as helps the horse develop good musculature from a free-swinging gait and no impediment from a hard tree or a tipped rider.

  • clear pictures of you (mounted, from the side, in your comfortable, natural riding position) and of your horse without a saddle standing square: 1 taken straight on from the side, the other taken from the rump and towards the wither, shoulder, back
  • riding activity, and if you tend to ride with a long, straight leg, or a shorter, bent knee and hip.
  • your current saddle size, and your height, weight, inseam
  • any issues you have had with other saddles and what you like and don't like in a saddle
  • horse breed, age, height, previous saddle issues. Pics of the horse standing reasonably square on level ground (whole body shot), and if possible to do safely, a pic from behind/above looking down the spine at the shoulders. This can help me determine if we need to account for any asymmetries

In general, with the latest base and panels, the saddle will maintain a good spine channel clearance over 200lbs. But different riding styles and disciplines will affect how well you and your horse will do treeless at higher rider weights. We have 200lbs casual riders doing quite well. For endurance, I think an upper limit of 185lbs is reasonable, but that can vary. I would be more cautious for jumping.

Example photos (thank you Ashley!)





 Once you have demo'ed a GHOST and seen for yourself how amazing they are, we can put together the perfect order for you via phone or email.


  •  GHOST  is willing to customize various items like extra D rings, which  I always recommend on any ordered saddle. Keep in mind that major customizations in design, color, or materials means the saddle can't be returned or restocked without a charge, so I highly recommend demo'ing to make sure the saddle will work for you and your horse before going too crazy with options!


The demo period is 14 days so that you have the time necessary to ensure the saddle works for both you and your horse.  

A surcharge of $5.00/day beyond the 14-day demo period will be assessed unless approved in advance. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need additional time, my priority is that you have the saddle long enough to properly try it out to be sure of your purchase decision.  

Please remove the girth after riding to avoid strong wear marks at each hole. Before returning the saddle, please clean sweat, dust, and horse hair off with a damp cloth or a strip of packing tape. Use the saddle cover provided to provide protection when not in use.  

Most demo saddles may be purchased, so every saddle going out is either brand new or may have been demoed once. Before paying to demo, please contact me to make sure there isn't a waiting list for a certain model. When we've identified the right model for you and your horse, and it's availability, use the demo request form below to request it. After payment is received, the saddle and accessories will be shipped the next business day in most cases. You're welcome to request any accessories, even stirrups if needed although I don't sell them so they'd have to be returned.

I generally ship via UPS ground which can take from 2-4 days depending how far you are from Colorado. 

NOTE: Prices are subject to change based upon the Euro to dollar exchange rate.

 Please contact Amanda at so we can get you set up with a demo that works for both you and your equine!