Saddle Care

To care for your leather and oiled nubuck saddles: I use a slightly damp papertowel or cloth to remove any dust or grunge, then use  Rudy's Tack and Leather Conditioner from Bee Natural.  Just rub it into the leather with a sponge or smooth textured cloth.

To care for your sheepskin pad: Use a wire cat brush or stiff horse brush after EVERY ride to remove any dried sweat or grunge. This will mean you don't have to do anything more stringenet very often. If it's getting dirtier, you can dampen a stiff horse brush to get stubborn grunge. If you need to wash it, you can. I prefer a hose and bucket over a washer, but some people do use a washer. Remove the inserts before washing. After, squeeze out exess water, give the sheepskin fibers a quick brush to align the fibers and replace the inserts (even if you don't ride with them, it's best to use them to keep the sheepskin in a proper shape as it will wrinkle and shrink). Dry flat, out of direct sunlight.

Suede can be cared for with suede shoe cleaning kits.

Lorica can be cleaned of shedding hair or dust with a vacuum or a rolled piece of packing tape to get in the crevices.

Synthetic materials can be cleaned with a damp cloth.