Free 'n' Easy General Purpose/Jumping GP Endurance Trail Saddle

Free 'n' Easy General Purpose/Jumping GP endurance trail saddle.

Medium/Size 2 tree, 18" seat, saddle brown.

I purchased this used/like new saddle approximately 15 years ago for trail/endurance/jumping, it's a very versatile, flexible panel, adjustable saddle. The stirrup bar is also adjustable, making it easy to find where your leg is most comfortable.

This saddle was used on a Thoroughbred, but it's been stored inside for 5 years now so time to let it go.

Still in very good shape, and also comes with a brand new set of panels to keep it going for many more years! Panels currently on the saddle are still in good shape!

Comes with adjustment tools, shims and fitting instructions.

$900 firm + shipping.

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