Panels & Western Skirt

Panels for Ghost saddles - and can work for other saddles with loop-side velcro underneath. Price is for a pair. Panels for 16" seat run just over 20", for 17" seat is about 21", for 18" is a bit over 22". See more details below. Wedge panels have a 2 cm thick and beveled down to create a seamless transition into the saddle

(Seat size is measured English. Subtract 2" to get the equivalent in Western sizing)


I stock mostly velcro opening panels for seat sizes 17" and 18" but can order the others and do have a couple of the closed panels available.

I prefer the velcro opening panels because that makes it easy to shim for rider balance, but the closed panels do have a neat look.

Most people use the standard panel thickness which is a thin layer of formo(a stiff material), a layer of 2 foam with excellent weight distribution and response-time properties which remain at all operation temps, and a single layer of a softer, shape-forming foam.

The thin panels don't have any of the soft foam and are best for riders under 120lbs or who prefer a bareback pad feel (and reduce stirrup use accordingly) or who use a fairly substantial treeless pad and need to reduce thickness.

The thick panels can either have a second layer of the soft foam or 2.5 cm core foam and are recommended for riders over 185lbs or those over 175 competing in endurance.

It's possible to modify the panel inserts with the velcro opening panels, not with the closed panels so choose accordingly. We carry rider balancing shims that go inside the velcro opening panels and now have wedge shims in a velcro pocket to go between the closed panel and the base. Or you can order either version with a built in wedge, if you know your horse is downhill where the saddle sits.

NEW! The western skirt has been redesigned to have incorporated panels for a slimmer, closer contact feel. It comes with the Western saddle, but can also be added to the Florac, Quevis, and Quilty models for a western look.
Rave reviews for this option - "Had my first ride today and OMG it felt so good! Horse was comfy and she moved out really well. I never liked the velcro panels as I felt like I was hovering over the horse. The western panel/conversion distributes everything well without losing the close contact feel. Winner winner! Thanks for your help! The sheepskin seat cover is comfy too! -Gabe"

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Shims are a fantastic resource to help ensure proper fit and balance of the saddle for both horse and rider.

Shims aid in support and adjust for a better saddle fit by lifting the front of the saddle off the horse's shoulders, allowing better working range of motion and avoiding the rider placing unintentional pressure and stress near the withers. Shims can offer the necessary lift to balance the rider and avoid putting the horse on his forehand.

Depending upon where your horse's anatomy and motion affect the saddle's placement and movement, the rider may feel tipped forward in their saddle's seat, shims can assist in leveling out the saddle.

Additionally, as your horse's physique changes, shims are intended to be modified and adjusted to assist in maintaining balance if a horse is downhill, has one shoulder larger than the other, starts or stops consistently in exercise, changes shape with growth or aging, etc.

If your horse has one shoulder larger than the other, add shims the side of the smaller shoulder. Panel shims or pad shims work best to correct this issue.

If your horse is downhill, pocket shims provide the biggest lift to the front of the saddle and work best to correct this issue.

There are three different types of shims that work well with Ghost saddles:

(1) Felt Panel Shims. These shims are designed to be inserted into the front of the Velcro opening inside the saddle's panels. These soft shims are minimalistic and provide a clean look since they're placed inside the equipment and are not visible once installed. Sold as a set of four, use one set for a 1/4" lift or both together for a 1/2" lift.

(2) Felt Pad Shims. These shims are designed to be are inserted into the front of the saddle pad. This option is ideal switching the saddle between horses and only one of them needs shims. These shims are layered on top of the saddle pad inserts. Sold as a set of four, use one set for a 1/4" lift or both together for a 1/2" lift.

(3) Velcro Pocket Shims. These are a 2cm thick wedged shim and cut from the same material the Ghost saddle pad inserts are made of. They're placed on the underside of the saddle's base and provide the biggest lift of all the shim types. Velcro pocket shims are designed to be used with both Ghost panels and the Ghost western skirt.