Pommel bolster

Can affect the rider's pelvis tilt, refines the twist, and slightly deepens the seat.
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The Florac is a short flap saddle without thigh blocks to give the rider a little more leg-room and stirrup length versatility. This model is ideal for people who prefer more room to move on a gaited horse or have a longer than average thigh.

It's an excellent lightweight trail saddle and you'll ride comfortably all day. It can easily be paired with fenders and a skirt in place of standard panels for a western flair.

Scroll down for Saddle Availability and for more information about optional Saddle Upgrades & Color and Material Choices

Ghost seat reducer

Velcro wedge to reduce seat size about 2cm (1/2-3/4"). It has a bit of cushion as well. One of the great features of Ghost saddles is that since the seat is removable, it's possible to change the shape and size of the seat for the rider. Ghost makes a nice velcro wedge to reduce the seat about 1/2" - 3/4" of an inch. It's cushy as well. I also have some homemade wool felt pieces I make that can do the job as well as have addition features for growing/changing riders. They're two pieces, one 1/2", one 1/4" that can be used together or separately for 1/4" incremental changes. Great for people who change weight through the year or growing kids or also people who share saddles. If you're between seat sizes, using seat reducers, pommel bolster, and a seat saver can all have an effect and the seat reducers and bolster also have a small effect on creating a deeper seat - see the pic with the felt reducers.

Stirrup Holders

Carry your saddle without stirrups banging into your shins!

These nifty straps connect to the back dee rings and have a scissor snap so you can quickly secure your stirrups for saddling or carrying.

Seat Savers - Zalea (full coverage)

Ghost makes Wool and Sheepskin seat savers that are designed to fit perfectly to your saddle's seat size and model shape.

The Zalea is a full coverage seat saver that attaches to your saddle with sturdy velcro straps that are set between your saddle's base and panels. Additionally, the saddle's flap fits into a built-in pocket on the seat saver, this ensures it will not shift or bunch under your legs.

Seat Savers aid to prevent skin irritations like chafing and rub marks, if you have any sensitivity to your saddle's seat or where your leg rests on your saddle's flap. They are a fantastic accessory that offers some cush for your tush!

Zalea's are offered in several choices of material:
(1) Wool Blend that comes in either Black or Brown and covers the saddle's seat and flaps, but not the thigh blocks.
(2) Vella is medical grade synthetic lambskin. It's easy to care for and offers a soft, breathable barrier between you and your saddle's seat. Vella is only offered in white and covers the saddle's seat, flaps, and thigh blocks.
(3) Standard Sheepskin is offered in either natural, black, or brown. It is low profile and measures approximately 1/2" (1 cm) thick. It covers the saddle's seat and flaps, but not the thigh blocks.
(4) Medicinal Natural Sheepskin is a cream/yellow tan color, the sheared wool length measures approximately 1 Inch (2.54 cm) thick. Sheepskin is more durable and comfortable than it's synthetic alternatives. It covers the saddle's seat, flaps, and thigh blocks.
(5) Exclusive Sheepskin is offered in a wide variety of densities, long fibers, colors and patterns. It covers the saddle's seat, flaps, and thigh blocks. Pelt inventory changes often. If this option is selected, you will be contacted to choose from the available pelts currently available.

All Zalea options are custom ordered from Italy. They are not eligible for exchange or return. The turnaround time varies, but is most often approximately two months.

The website automatically charges a flat $10.95 shipping fee. Larger accessories, such as full seat savers, are sent via UPS and the shipping cost varies based on location. You will be contacted by me to approve an exact shipping amount.

If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please reach out to me to discuss how we can get the perfect pad built for you!