English Stirrup Straps & Keepers

Ghost's Stirrup Straps are made with 1" width Granite BioThane.

BioThane is a polyester webbing which features a comfortable, matte, thermoplastic polyurethane coating. The Granite series of TPU coating makes the material incredibly strong, abrasion resistance, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

The Stirrup Straps are low profile, unlike bulky traditional English leathers, making your leg less likely to notice the strap running under your saddle's flap.
Standard Length stirrup straps in black are kept in stock, brown stirrup straps be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time). These are the only two color choices available for stirrup straps.
If you prefer a webber style strap, check out the T-bar and Conway Straps.

Stirrup Strap Keepers are Velcro sleeves to hold the end of your stirrup straps neat and tidy. Black micronappa are kept in stock, other colors and materials can be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time).
Alternative styles of Stirrup Strap Keepers are the Ghost Mini Fenders and English Slip-On Fenders.
If the color and/or material choice you're looking for is not listed, please contact me to obtain information regarding price and availability.
*Note regarding natural leathers: shades of leather vary from hide to hide, please be aware that if your saddle was ordered at a separate time from your other leather accessories, there could be a variation in color.