Western Fenders & Narrow Fenders

Western fenders are a great accessory if you want to change the look of your saddle, prefer more stability for your lower leg than an English stirrup strap offers, or need to put a layer between your leg and a sweaty horse.

Ghost offers two styles of western fenders, Narrow and Standard. The narrow option is an excellent choice if you prefer less bulk and the standard option is better suited for riders who prefer to add a more traditional western look to their saddle.

Standard and Short Lengths in black micronappa and black oiled nubuck are kept in stock, other colors or materials may have to be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time).

Measurements are only of the fender, this measurement does not include the 1" BioThane strap that attaches the fender to the saddle. Short is 14" Standard is 16" Long is 18"

Functional range for the Standard length is 19" - 23" from stirrup ring to stirrup top bar.

Any stirrup with an open concept will fit onto the Ghost western fender. Stirrups that have a designated slot to attach to the stirrup leather are intended to fit an English stirrup strap and will not fit on the buckle of the western fenders.

Knowing the stirrups Top Bar Width is required to properly fit a western fender.
The stirrup's top bar width measures the area of space where the stirrup attaches to the western fender.
If your stirrup measures 2-1/2" at it's narrowest point, you'll want to select a 2" fender to allow the fender bottom to properly secure and support the stirrup.
If you use a stirrup with a 3" top bar and a 1" fender, you will have 2" of wiggle room in the stirrup and create an instability for the rider.
If the rider is unstable, it requires the horse to unnecessarily compensate for the imbalance.

If the color and/or material choice you're looking for is not listed, please contact me to obtain information regarding price and availability.
*Note regarding natural leathers: shades of leather vary from hide to hide, please be aware that if your saddle was ordered at a separate time from your other leather accessories, there could be a variation in color.

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