Billet Strap Protectors

These handy little sponge bobs slide onto the billet straps and help cover the gap between the end of the short flap saddle pad and the start of the girth, this protects the horse's side from becoming potentially irritated from direct contact with the BioThane billet straps.

The square shape fits the Sliding V English Rigging and the angled shape fits the Fixed Y English Rigging.

Sold as a pair.

Black micronappa with neoprene or sympanova backing are kept in stock, other colors or materials may have to be ordered from Italy (typically a two month turnaround time).

If the color and/or material choice you're looking for is not listed, please contact me to obtain information regarding price and availability.

*Note regarding natural leathers: shades of leather vary from hide to hide, please be aware that if your saddle was ordered at a separate time from your other leather accessories, there could be a variation in color.

Questions or would like more info? Contact Amanda at:

Phone:  (719) 641-9580                             


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Snap On Stirrup Cages

Moss Rock's BioThane stirrup cages are designed to snap onto your stirrups. They are made from 3/4" BioThane, which has a shiny finish and a stiff yet flexible feel.

Carefully select your stirrup model and style, as these stirrup cages are made to order and are not eligible for exchange or return.

Currently, these are being made for limited stirrup brands and styles. If you do not see your stirrup model, please check back periodically as the lineup of stirrup styles is being expanded.

Sold as a pair/set of two.

Stirrups NOT included.

Pommel bolster

Can affect the rider's pelvis tilt, refines the twist, and slightly deepens the seat.

Ghost Saddle Cover

Saddle cover for long flap or short flap saddles.

Seat Savers - Seat Only (minimal coverage)

Ghost makes Wool and Sheepskin seat savers that are designed to fit perfectly to your Ghost saddle's seat size and model shape. They attach to your saddle with sturdy velcro straps that are set between your saddle's base and panels.

Seat Savers aid to prevent skin irritations like chafing and rub marks, if you have any sensitivity to the transition where your saddle's seat and flap meet, a seat saver will help bridge the seam so it's less noticeable on your leg. They are a fantastic accessory that offers some cush for your tush!

The Seat Only Seat Saver is a minimal coverage option and is offered in a wide variety of materials and colors:

(1) Wool Blend that comes in either Black or Brown
(2) Vella is medical grade synthetic lambskin. It's easy to care for and offers a soft, breathable barrier between you and your saddle's seat. Vella is only offered in white.
(3) Standard Sheepskin is offered in either natural, black, or brown. It is low profile and measures approximately 1/2" (1 cm) thick.
(4) Medicinal Natural Sheepskin is a cream/yellow tan color, the sheared wool length measures approximately 1 Inch (2.54 cm) thick. Sheepskin is more durable and comfortable than it's synthetic alternatives.
(5) Exclusive Sheepskin is offered in a wide variety of densities, long fibers, colors and patterns. Pelt inventory changes often. If this option is selected, you will be contacted to choose from the available pelts currently available.

Seat Only Seat Savers are primarily kept in stock in black wool blend. All other options are made to order and are non-refundable or exchangeable. The current turnaround time is approximately two months.